Ball Crunches-How to do Ball Crunches

Ball Crunches Ball crunch is a unique exercise which is gaining popularity each day as a result of its essential benefits. Use of exercise ball helps focus on your lower and upper abdominal muscles. However, there is still a substantial effect on the internal and… Read More

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches Bicycle crunch is a special kind of exercise that helps tone your thighs as well as build your core strength. Many people actually think that a bicycle is required for this kind of exercise. The truth is that no equipment is required in… Read More

Knees Crunches

Knees crunches is a kind of exercise that focuses on your obliques. The importance of obliques has been overlooked by many people. However, they play a major role in maintaining the body posture, balance, and other essential aspects. You should therefore never underestimate the importance… Read More