Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle CrunchesBicycle crunches is a special kind of exercise that helps tone your thighs as well as build your core strength. Many people actually think that a bicycle is required for this kind of exercise. The truth is that no equipment is required in this particular exercise. The only requirement is sufficient space to enable you to engage in the exercise with ease.

How to do Bicycle Crunches

There are essential steps that are not only necessary but also mandatory to adhere to when engaging in bicycle crunch. Failure to adhere to these steps results in an inability to achieve the desired results within the specified time frame. These crucial steps include;

Lie flat on the floor. Make sure your legs are close together and stretched straight. Your arms also should be stretched straight on the sides of your body. Do not bend your legs as many people do. This will enable you to acquire maximum benefits from the exercise.

Raise your hands slowly and place them behind your head. You can opt to cross your fingers behind your head or just slightly hold the head. However, you can also keep the hands on the sides.

Lift your legs slowly. Raise them up to the point where your thighs are perpendicular to the ground and the calves parallel to the ground. Ensure the feet remain together as you raise them up.

Bring your right elbow to touch your left knee. Ensure your right leg remain straight. However, you can raise it a few inches from the ground to ease pressure on the exercise.

Bring your left elbow to touch your right knee. This time, straighten your left leg and lift it a few inches from the ground. Engage a motion similar to that of peddling a bike.

Repeat the process several times as per the recommended reps and sets. 

Reps and Sets in Bicycle Crunches

It is recommended that you perform bicycle crunch 2-3 days a week. Each day, you should engage in 2-3 sets each having 10-20 repetitions. Ensure you relax and make your muscles rest in between sets to avoid straining them.

Muscles to be focused by Bicycle Crunches

Different categories of abdominal muscles are involved in bicycle crunch. These muscles include;

Rectus abdominals

External obliques

Internal obliques

Transverse abdominals

Hip abductors

Gluteus Maximus

Abdominals Benefits and Effectiveness of Bicycle Crunches

There are key benefits attributed to this exercise. These include;

Help build core strength

Help to intone the thighs

It requires no equipment’s hence can be performed everywhere